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n. a female who is a deity to mankind in bed. She is so potent at giving and receiving pleasure that she will often leave men enchanted in a helplessly amazed stupor.
I am a sex goddess.
by Berry Flomar January 17, 2004
A girl who can please anyone, anywhere, anytime, any gender, or with any part of her body. Must have great breast, face, ass, and DSLs are recomended.
MAN 1: dude, that preachers daughter turned out to be a sex goddess.
MAN 2: No way! stop bull shittin.
MAN 1: i aint. i swear. she got me going during the church service and finished me off in the confession booth after everyone left.
MAN 2: lucky bastard!
by nosrac selon May 06, 2011
A promiscuous female who understands that sex is not just a pleasure for her and her partners, but a meaningful social/spiritual exchange which enriches her and the men using her.

A highly-evolved slut (Spiritual Slut) who is fully conscious of her role/purpose and willingly opens her body as a tool for male sexual gratification.

A freely-open source of pleasure/satisfaction for men who understands/accepts the strength of the male need for sex and feels joy at being a source for this.
Sex Goddesses have existed through out ancient history. They exuded creativity, strength and passion. Their stories are still shared today.

In today's culture a Sex Goddess is seen as a woman who lusts after the act of sex itself, who will engage in any kind of sexual activity with any partner. This is far from the truth of a true Goddess. All women can be a Sex Goddesses if they want to be. It takes courage and strength to unveil your true essence as a woman to yourself and to the world.
by Dexter Day June 11, 2010
Mark Swick. Period.
"Did you see that sex goddess in the corner with a yamulke and Birks?"
by OneHotMama January 30, 2005