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An expression you have on your face during sex.
Duncan's sex face looked like a startled rabbit.
by ddddddddddddddd October 26, 2005
the faces made while having good sex - considered sexy when these faces are made by the female
"All the faces she be makin when I'm in it
Make a nigga feel like he doin somethin" - Too $hort from Scarface's "Fuck Faces"
by that dozen April 30, 2005
The face you make while/after you cum.
Hehe Johnny your sex face us so cute

I know what u guys did u have that sex face
by 4dayouth1 October 20, 2009
The stupid ass face you make leading up to busting a nut.
dude, my girl left me after she saw my sex face.
by LaMichael washin'ton December 12, 2010
ones sex face is the face they have when a) one thinks about who they would like to have sexual relations with b) when they are around the person they would like to have sexual relations with.

Could also be the expression one has while having sexual relations with another... noun.
a) As soon as John thought about Kate his sex face came on.

b) John and Kate are MTB, they always have their sex faces on when they are around each other.
by angeliqueee February 18, 2009
n. The facial expression a person makes when they experience overwhelming sexual pleasure or passion. Sexface varies among individuals and experiences however it is likely that a person's sexface is more or less the same in any situation if they are experiencing a climax of sexual pleasure. It is notable that a person's sexface is also similar to the facial expression they make when they are in pain.
Example 1: "When I see your sexface, it appears as though you are in pain but we both know you're not!"

Example 2: Seinfeld: "I don't think I can date her anymore, George."

George: "Jerry, why not? She's perfect for you!! You said so yourself!"

Seinfeld: "Yes, I know, George. I did say that but.....How do I say''s her sexface George, it's like she checks out of her body and someone else moves in, and that new person's face is not like hers and it is not very attractive (Jerry contorts his face in an effort to show George) AND she doesn't seem to care or notice. I noticed it in the beginning, I thought I could get used to it, or it might change once the newness wore off, but it didnt, and I've decided I just can't do it anymore. Her sexface scares me, George."

Example 3: "Every time I see her sexface, her mouth forms the shape of a perfect hexagon. It's really impressive."
by UMGOD August 17, 2013
A facial expression made when making eye contact with someone you would like to have sex with. Usually a stranger, but on occasion a friend or a significant other.
He totes gave me the sex face today
by pinionshaf28 March 22, 2011
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