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This is my bestesterestest fren!!! She's all kewl... a lil bit gena too... lol... no, i'm just playing!!! Her real name is... umm... can't tell!!! vina peke lewa!!! lol... Luv ya, and miss ya sewa!!! G~G~G STRING!!!! BEANS!!!!!!
thats MY sewa!!! wit tha peke lewa!! just kidding!! how would i know?!?!?! sick-o
by tha one and only Ga~Ga November 29, 2004
The coolest mofo on planet earth this person could kill off a family of Samaria warriors with only her pinky toe also she's super cool and the greatest person to have a conversation with AND she's makes the world a better place
She's definitely a sewa
by hdjdieeijwwja June 17, 2015
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