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One of many Minecraft youtubers. Was in a Minecraft group "Team crafted", is no longer. A person that some may look up to. A person with a great laugh. Someone who can make someone else's day. A person that can put a smile on many people's faces. Including myself :)
"Hey Telby, who are you watching?"
"Me? I'm watching SetoSorcerer, one of my favourite youtubers! He's one of the many people who puts a smile on my face!"
"Really? Wow, maybe I'll watch one of his videos sometime!"
"You should! I would definitely recommend him!"
by Telby_ June 13, 2014
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Setosorcerer is an excellent youtuber who does minecraft videos (he used to do runescape videos) and has a wonderful laugh. He is often considered to be one of the best minecraft youtubers.
"God dammit Kira why are you ignoring me?!" "Sorry, i was busy watching setosorcerer's videos." "Ohhhh then that is completely understandable. I'll leave you alone."
by Kira The Mercenary February 14, 2015

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