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Sethramoth comes from the ancient Egyptian gods, Seth, Ra and Osiris.
Ra is thought to have been able to combine with other Gods to create a more powerful god. Seth was the most powerful Evil God of the time. The ancient Egyptians believed that the moth was the carrier or symbol of the soul. In ancient Egypt, the moth; Isis or Osiris (the God of the Dead) was drawn on many cartouches and symbolized the soul's journey to the other world. Seth and Osiris were brothers. The moth was also recognized as the forbearer or omen of a death or disaster to come.
Sethramoth is the being, taking the form of a moth, that is created when Seth, Ra and Osiris combine - Creating the most evil being the world has ever seen.
Although it sometimes is seen as an Omen, Sethramoth is so much more.
by lucifer__ April 27, 2006
A being, taking the shape of a moth, thought to be the combination of the ancient god, Seth, and Ra.
Sethramoth is much like the Dog omen, the Grim.
by J_D January 11, 2006
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