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The guy who suddenly made it cool to be a geek.
Hey, be more like Seth Cohen and then we can date.
by Brooke February 15, 2005
329 37
A character on the hit dramedy, The OC played by Adam Brody. He is adorkable, charming, cute, sweet, and funny. Girls go crazy for him
Where can I find myself a Seth Cohen?
by TaterTots February 29, 2004
455 39
A quick-witted, self-loathing individual residing in Orange County California who is used as a method of comic relief.
Sometimes mistaken for Jesus Christ.
by February 09, 2004
247 59
Just like my boyfriend- cute, darkhair, light skin, a Jap, a dork, immature, histerical, cute, "jewish", likes comics, jealose, amazing,sweet, the best guy eveeerrr
My jared is just like Seth Cohen fromt he O.C. only even cuter.....
by AnNa BaNaNa March 22, 2005
36 296
Emo kid from The O.C. on Fox.
Hey, Seth Cohen. You're a Douche.
by yoyo March 06, 2005
43 313