yo, seta is a person on irc who is like "i am the l33tz. my boyfriend's name is colipso and uh....turtle powa!" okay so anyway when u call someone a seta, you are calling them the crusty semen you have on the dick of ur head when u beat off
colipso: seta i lubz u
seta: handjob bitch
colipso handjobz seta
seta: ooooo
colipso: ur penis, ur penis!
seta: i am jizzing
seta jizz'z
colipso: look, seta, there is some seta left on ur dick five minutes later
oh yeah five minutes passed so it dried up
seta: yay
by Xion or probably Jared July 07, 2004
Top Definition
Usually the name of a cute, smart, overly-talkative girl. Setas are annoying at times but are there when their friends/family need them. Setas can be the biggest complainers but have a big heart. They are bubbly and beautiful.
girl : i wish i was a seta
guy: i wish my girlfriend was a seta
grandma: I love being a seta
by ilovetheworld1234567hjO July 06, 2011
the name of an armenian girl. The name translated in armenian means "forest spirit." Can also be spelled seda and setta. Also, Seta's tend to be very sensetive, generous, and thoughtful.
Hello seta. Your name means forest spirit right?
by hyeEMes October 12, 2011
Seta usually refers to 'gamiseta'. It can be used as a question, an exclamation, and many other uses.

It is commonly used in internet chatrooms where swearing is censored.

It can be used to described other words also..
omg man i lost...
by athyn November 28, 2010
An amazing and insanely hot girl. A unique armenian name also spelled as seda.
Setas are cool.
by yerevanFORLIFE. October 12, 2011
A person, usually a guy that prefers to orally stimulate Shaki (Latin for "Queen of seacows")
Did you read about that Seta in the newspaper yesterday?
by peterpan July 07, 2004
Seta, a guy who will grab his ankles down any alley way you point down because he's a cock fiending bitch.
Grab 'em, Seta.
by Pwnage June 30, 2004
A man who touches Messiah's genitals. He is a total and utter homosexual who is sometimes humorous, but mostly just gay.

Also, he loves Kari because she is Lisa's best friend and he wishes he could be with my bitch. This is as close as he'll get!
Seta is a Seta.
by Lucien June 25, 2004
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