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To do summin crazy. This can be anything from a practical joke to even robbing a bank. Usually done in groups. {We gon' set it off} but an indivual can do it him/herself.
Loc dogg: Imma tru G. Dont mess wit loc dogg.
Cashier: Im not dening your locness but if you get this money im fired and then i wont have a reason to live. Besides this is a bookstore in Compton. Was this realli a smart idea.
Loc Dogg: O hell no. I kno whitey aint talking baq now. Imma set yo ass off. *shoots at books*
Cashier: Stop it, im going to get fired sir.
Loc Dogg: Mah man Jungle. Set him off loc.
Jungle's ak spits at cashier feet.
Cashier: You guys sure are funny. Kats dont kno who the hell i be "LOC". -puts out street sweeper-

u finish it im tired....sum of these words are cummin soon to urban dict by the Prince
by prince ingus April 11, 2005
start a fight; get into it
You're gonna get outta my way or we're gonna set it off.
by Rick October 13, 2004
merk somebody, fight somebody, ect.
Lil Boosie: you wanna talk shit, you wanna run your mouth, you want some gangsters front your mahfuckin house, we'll set this bitch off. I'll hurt a mahfucka, set it off in this bitch.
by betty bad azz August 14, 2008
To do something with intensity or hurricane like force.
Boy 1: Did you see that fight between Kyle and David?

Boy 2: Yea dude, David really set it off!
by Anthony UNLV April 17, 2010
A pop punk, orchestral rock, and alternative rock band. Though, they refer to themselves as orchestral pop-punk. They were influenced by band like Fall Out Boy and All Time Low, and gained a following through the main vocalists youtube channel. Band memebers include:
*Cody Carson - Vocals (2008–Present)*
*Dan Clermont - Guitar, backing vocals (2008–Present)*
*Zach DeWall - Guitar (2008–Present)*
*Austin Kerr - Bass (2008–Present)*
*Maxx Danziger - Drums (2010–Present)*
by Luvell October 27, 2013
to do something major, either something that can cause a huge disturbance or significance.
Manager: You ready for the audience?
Rapper: Yea, bout' to set it off mang.


(before attempting to rob a bank)
Criminal A: Let's do this.
Criminal B: Yea, lets set it off.
by IamUrban August 15, 2009
To change the atmosphere for the better.
"Everyone was having a good time then he came on and just set it off"
by brendan May 30, 2004