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Set Abominae is a fictional character that appears on the following albums of heavy/thrash metal band Iced Earth:
- Something Wicked This Way Comes (Last three songs)
- Overture of the Wicked EP
- Framing Armaggedon (Something Wicked Part 1)
- Revelation Abomination (Something Wicked Part 2)

He is a kind of "Anti-Christ", conceived by the Setian race (which were the former rulers of Earth until mankind came from space and killed almost every living Setian) to destroy mankind.

It's revealed in the Framing Armaggedon album that the surviving members of the Setian race, during the man's invasion, managed to release an immense Cloud that brainwashed all mankind. Then, they patiently proceeded to further divide man, creating all the religions and manipulating history at their will. 10 thousand years after the brainwashing event, Set Abominae will be born according to the prophecy and will consume a long-waited revenge.

The character was created by Iced Earth lead guitarist Jon Schaffer. Some people compare Set Abominae to Spawn.
"If humans learn what's truly at stake
And of the birth of Set Abominae
Their primitive minds, a maddened state, no
Frame it as the Elder deemed
Frame it our way
Framing Armageddon!"
by UnknownOrc February 16, 2008
also known as "The Coming Curse", "The Anti-Christ", "The Watcher's Eye", "The Wicked Child", "The Wicked One".

An entity whose birth is prophesied by the Elder of the Setian race in Iced Earth's "Something Wicked" storyline. An Anti-Christ like figure who will bring down the Armageddon of Man.
"Born is he ten millennia
After the Clouding of Man.
Sincerest veneration
For he that vindicates.
The end of Man.
Sworn are we ten millennia
After the Clouding of Man.
Unleash abomination
As we accelerate the end of Man."
-The Setian hymn referring to the birth of Set Abominae.
by StarDargon April 08, 2008
Also appears on the album covers Dystopia and Burnt Offerings
Mankind should fear the coming of The Setian's Set Abominae

Something Wicked This Way Comes
by FinalCut66 September 04, 2013
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