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Sesha can be a girls name or a boys name but sounds much better as a name for a girl. Anantaseshadasi is the name of a god in Hindi mythology who takes form as a great black cobra and controls and symbolizes time. It can be shortened to Sesha, as seen here.

Sesha's are often average height, very good musicians/singers and a lot more than meets the eye.
Here's an example of a Sesha:
Friend: hey, Sesha, what's a word that describes extreme fear of being trapped in a very small, high up place with a bunch of gay spiders?
Sesha: oh please, that's acro-claustro-homo-arachnophobia.
Friend: awesome! (Can you spell that?)
Sesha: *spells*
Friend: k thanks bro
by Oswin Oswald November 03, 2013

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