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1) serve the servants : is a song by the great Grunge (Punk) group Nirvana, written by one of the greatest artists (composer - songwriter - guitarist - singer) , thinker and intellectual who ever lived, Kurt Cobain
=> the servants in the song might refer to the media, his divoced parents, his girlfriend (wife), producers & labels, might be even fans & fame but more likely refer to the SOCIETY which is the combination of all those things gathered...
2) serve the servants : (in general) a way of saying "just give 'em what they want and then..." or also "just play their game 'till..." but with putting oneself in a superieur position of the wiser and the better as "a master that must be servant" or just simply being responsible, modest and wise.
- Yes i heard early this morning, so...what's the next thing to do ?
- Like any responsible accountant would do, i must serve the servants

- !!! With all due respect sir, the manifestations is spreading all over the town and the media is eating our faces off !!! what must i tell them ?
- Just serve the servants but be careful, don't say anything stupid 'till we think about a solution

- Ohhh crap !!! man what do we do now ?
- Just serve the servants, keep 'em busy and don't look at me (we need time) 'till i pick up my phone

Teenage angst has paid off well
Now I'm bored and old
Self-Appointed judges judge
More than they have sold

If she floats than she is not
A witch like we had thought
A down payment on another
One at salem's lot

Serve the servants - Oh no
by Sharker-than-you May 09, 2011
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