An incredible band from Edinburgh!

"The foundations of the band were laid in late 2002 but education slowed progress until late 2005. Vocalist Mikey then brought together the band, a five piece blend of youth and experience, through the wonders of the internet and Serpico was born as a live act that has begun to leave its mark on the UK gig circuit. Recent gigs have included highly praised support slots for multi-platinum acts such as Paradise Lost in London and a hometown support for US giants AFI, as well as tour supports for established Brit Rockers InMe and up-and-coming stars Lost Alone."
Fxck! Serpico were amazing last night!
by _Pixie October 02, 2008
Top Definition
A police officer; named after Frank Serpico
Whoa!! Get your hands off me Serpico!
by Jay and Silent Bob September 06, 2003
a snitch, a person that informs authority of wrong doings
man, that nigga is a serpico.
by jae barrz June 01, 2006
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