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one familiar with the art of dry humping, also brandishing a ludacris ratty to the side of his left ear. a sern can usually be found loitering at the local mcdonalds asking for money for a 30 cent cone or "durrys" (ciggerettes). not the smartest or quickest mentaly at the best of times, a sern can usually be lured into a false sense of security with offerings of cheeseburgers,smokes, and pre pubesant pune.
dry humper
ben palmer
face sniffer
one pube
45 minutes!
#freak #playa #dogger #dry humper #sern #face sniffer #palmer #ben #ben palmer #benny palmer #benny #fucked her hard #hard fucker #45 minutes.
by simon lipscomb September 19, 2008
The Derp Way Of Saying Soon.
"The Stupid Way Of Saying Soon."
"I'm Getting A New Computer Sern."
"The Man Is Coming Over Sern."
"I'm Coming Over Sern."
by ♥Snowy♥ May 24, 2016
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