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seriousness, an event, action or situation with the attribute of being serious.
that was a bit of silliness but now for some seriosity,
the seriosity of the event meant that I couldn't help but burst into a fit of giggles
by lairyfairy May 25, 2006
gravity, solemnity, sobriety, demureness, staidness, grimness,
I make this observation
With no animosity
And just a tiny modicum
Of curiosity:

Apparently there’s no such word
As seriosity
And it is my opinion that
There surely ought to be.

So in conclusion, I must say
(I hope you would agree)
This glaring oversight
Is sheer ludicrosity.
by skyweeder September 04, 2009
the NOUN form of the word "serious"; the best word ever.
"I just fell, but in all seriosity, I love life."
by Andieeeeeeeeeeeee May 14, 2010
the act of being Woods serious. When you are Woods serious you are like jules winfeild.
you will know when you reach seriosity
by Star Honez October 03, 2007
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