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music that's in movies about serial killers such as saw or saw 2
Brett was listening to a lot of mudvayne and slipknot and eminem, he listens to way too much serial killer music.
Brett-Ok stop calling it serial killer music
Me-then tell slipknot to stop being so creepy
#serial #serial killer #killer #mudvayne #slipknot #cerial
by Master PABS May 11, 2006
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Really weird heavy metal music that they play in movies about serial killers, like saw or saw 2. Bands such as the likes of Slipknot and Mudvayne
Brett kept talking about a cool song and i listen to it and it was really weird Serial-Killer music and all i could hear was really loud guitar and BLAAHEEWOOAHOOO screaming.
#serial #killer #metal #heavy metal #crazy
by Master Pabs March 25, 2006
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