the act of swallowing cum while having sex in the school bathroom
wow she just serena'd !!!!!!
by hannah butthole October 10, 2009
She's the type of girl who ruines every relationship with men.Often leads relationships with women.
serenas tend to be very unaware of thier stupidity,and tend to start feuds with best friends.Very loud and ubnoxious.
laura"wow did you see what serena did last night?"
nate"no what?"
laura"She was being so loud,drinking all the time and oh my god you wouldnt believe this!"
nate"what tell me,tell me!!"
laura"ok well you didnt hear this from me,serena was making out with this girl named bobby-jo"
nate:"thats sick,well thats serena for you"
by milkshake. November 30, 2009
serena is a human being who is just about the biggest bitch alive. = ]
"i've never met a bigger bitch then serena"

"serena could kick my ass"
by INFAMOUSLY KNOWN August 14, 2006
A botard. Soneone who says very stupid things. A person With terrible comebacks.
"Don't be Serena!"
"Ay yo!?"
"A droplet of water fell on my eye, and I knew I was tired."
by Matt, Reed, and Jake April 22, 2008
A verb. The act of cleansing your anus in preparation for gay sex. Typically involves the use of a "sure shot" or metal penis-like attachment which hooks to the shower and shoots water into the rectum resulting in a chunky mass on the shower floor. A magic wand.
our friend Tony excitedly told us that he had just serena'd and was fresh for door bell trade!
by the Square Gang April 14, 2008

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