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No one really knows but a connection has been found to the Illuminati after extensive double pipe smoking and deep thought.

Research: (MAD and mad.hat both smoke two pipes and were both most likely smoking during this very real investigation.)
MAD:also pipes backwards is sipes
MAD:and sipes
MAD:is not in the dictionary
mad.hat:Wait? No its not.
MAD:might be a cover up
MAD:even worse
MAD:i was tricked into thinking it was sipes instead of sepip
MAD:thats how good they are
mad.hat:I'm scared now and mad. Something needs to be done. I'm going to UD.
MAD:How do you know THEY have not infiltrated them already.
mad.hat:... Only one way to find out.
Example: (This Never Happened, Unless You Were There)
mad.hat: *Puts down Angels And Demons with a sigh.
mad.hat: MAD, it looks like I was wrong about the Illuminati.
MAD: WTF? So Tupac really IS dead?
mad.hat: I don't know anymore.
MAD: sepip?
mad.hat: sepip indeed.
by Mad.Hat September 28, 2010
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