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to orgasm.
the word is made up of the words semen and the end to masturbate.
together they make semenate
i can semenate all over your face.
by XabbazabbaX April 14, 2006
The act of squirting semen
Man last night I semenated all over my girls stomack
by bmm213 June 28, 2009
To ejaculate outside of a sexual encounter; Without cause or arousal.
Ryan is going to semenate on your forehead.
by Ryan Noury January 17, 2008
Verb-to ejaculate
Noun-plural for ejaculations
Don't stop I'm about to Semenate.
by Benny Tay Lor February 13, 2014
The act of ejaculating on ones face; Ejaculating during the act of masturbation
Guy: Dude Laquiesha wanted me to semenate on her face.
Friend: Awesome!

Homeless Guy: Im so lonely i just want to semenate.
by Hugh Jassdick May 15, 2016
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