When a family member consistently blows off her family to go hang out with their friends.
I only drove 4 hours away from home to see my family to know my cousin Bridget was being a Sell Out and hanging out with her retarded friends all week.
by Hamburglar911 May 16, 2010
(1) A person who dates interracially or conforms only to affairs of another race because, they believe thiers is inferior, or for selfish personal gain.

(2) Any person who changes their values and/or standards to gain money, fame, or any other materialistic matter.
(1) Some Black Girls will criticize Black Guys and, try to get pregnant by a white guy in the military to live off of his paycheck! (it happens alot)

(2) Ja Rule used to be one of the best gangsta rappers until, he started singing because someone believed he would sell more units.
by F-40 December 05, 2004
Someone who betrays trust for the own personal gain at the cost of another(s). Sell outs should be shunned and are loewr than thieves. Also someone named Traci.
Fuckin Traci sold out today, what a bitch!
by Gay Hicks October 07, 2004
A band who doesn't play for the music but play for the money.
Blink 182, Good Charlotte, and so on and so on
by Estelle June 24, 2004
someone who claims edge and then breaks it.
dude, that guy with the three x's on his wrist totally sold out with his best friend because they were having a stressful day at work and needed some ciggs.
by xxx March 28, 2004
1) A band that you don't like.

2) Any musical group that gets airplay and turns a profit from their albums.

Does not apply to prefab performers such as Britney Spears et al.
Blink 182 are such sellouts! Now Rage Against The Machine, they fuckin rock dude!!!!11! Let's go smoke cloves and talk about how stupid everything is.
by Emily January 18, 2004
usually a band, that changes despite everything it has even gone against, said, and done.
Mettallica, period.
by individualanarchist December 22, 2003

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