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auto fellatio; a male sucking or licking his own penis.
Chris Tanner thinks his self-suck ability may give him additional potential in the gay porn industry.
by Adam Clapp January 30, 2006
164 63
The ability to perform fellatio on yourself. Also known as autofellatio.
Charlie used to try and self suck, but his dick was too small and he wasn't very flexible.
by Wiseman July 14, 2006
140 50
A term used to describe the sexual act of sucking your own cock, giving yourself a blowjob.
My girlfriend caught me sucking my cock and completely freaked out but now she's totally cool with it and now we have fun together while i selfsuck.
by NinjaShart July 15, 2008
46 9
If you need to look it up it's probably your best shot at getting a blowjob.
Dude 1: "I caught my roomate sucking his own dick."
Dude 2: "He can self-suck? I can't get my roomate to suck anything"
Dude 1: "uh?"
by sceadu October 23, 2006
68 39
when a male sucks his own penis for pleasue
ben loves to self suck...
by huffmiester4lyf June 24, 2011
17 5
To brag about yourself, your achievements or anything that resolves around oneself.The act of floating ones own boat. Tooting your own horn. To boast.
Person1: I've got a University degree, I came away with a first and top of my class.
Person2: Mate, no need to selfsuck
by frazzlefresh January 06, 2011
11 14