The photograph you take on your cell phone of yourself and the Catch of the Day.
Bob posted a SelFish of a walleye he caught on the Columbia today.
by WrightKross May 29, 2014
Having a total disregard for anyone but yourself and anyone else's feelings.
He never cared for her. He only used her to satisfy his selfish needs.
by GoldenV December 05, 2013
Being selfish is like being a bad team mate asshole
Gleb is selfish
by Yekfkekfkd January 23, 2013
Not wanting anyone to know about something because it doesnt benefit you.
If Desi was having a contest for her followers on snapchat saying how she'll give away a huge makeups bag if you comment on her video about how selfish you are. & you want to prove everyone how you're the most selfish because you want it all for yourself.
by Selfish Queen June 15, 2015
having a selfie sesh with multiple people or by yourself
friend: "omg this is really good lighting let's take selfies"
other friend: "okay let's have a selfish!"
selfie sesh friends
by heyb666 November 19, 2015
a photo of something that was not meant to be a selfie but you could see part of their face
Jenny just took a selfish
by hayday_73 October 29, 2014
See america. When giving to the Tsunami appeal ,they gave the least in proportion to wealth. As America is the richest ( and most selfish) country in the world this seems unfair. Only after complaints from the rest of the appaled world did 'Dubya' decide to give the rest of his spare change and be the leader of the aid giving. Giving aid just to make yourself look good is low. For the record, the British public gave far more to the appeal than The US government.
Amercians are some fat-ass selfish gimps.
by anti-yankee January 27, 2005

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