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A business/psychobabble jargon alternative to "tell oneself". Best used by people who want to fool others into thinking they are

a. Extraordinarily efficient and professional
b. Entirely empathetic and non-judgemental
"I think Bill needs to self-message that his turning up drunk to the weekly efficiency meetings is entirely inappropriate"

"I think you need to self-message that selling your children into slavery is not a viable solution to your financial issues involving access to crack"
by Portmaguese July 11, 2012
Business jargon for to tell oneself, admit to oneself, remind oneself. Can also be used in a non-business context.
Best deployed in the tone of cold, calculated impersonality so beloved of financial types.
Also useful for the handwringing mustn't judge self-help sector
Ryan needs to self-message that running a million dollar a week loss is not a sustainable business proposition.

Rhonda, I think it would be great if you could self-message tha t maybe continuing your meth addiction isn't the optimum life choice for your 8 children
by Portmagee May 20, 2012
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