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A self invite, or SI, occurs when someone decides to invite themselves into an activity to which they were not explicitly invited.

An "epic SI" is a derivative of the SI, where this person continues to invite themselves after being explicitly told "you are NOT invited".

Very frequently, this type of social ineptitude leads to being labeled your dawg in jest.
Mich showed up at my Super Bowl party and ate all the chips. I didn't invite him, so he self invited himself!
by moraleboatanchor March 24, 2013
Someone who invites themselves to all social events when not initionally invited. They show up without notice and overstay their welcome. Otherwise known as a "Reece"
Damn that Reece invites himself everywhere! Such a Self Invite!

Reece turned up to my house without notice last night. CREEPY!!
by sprinkleoffairydust January 25, 2016
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