1. Method of expressing feelings or opinions through physical means

2. The act of bitching and whining and calling it self expression
1a. The artist showed self expression about his piece about wartime Iraq

2a. That emo kid's self expression makes me want to kick him in the nads
by G. Matlin September 07, 2003
Top Definition
1. Personal actions or habits intended to convey, or expose, emotional or intellectual conviction. 2. The act of creating art for the sake of personal gratification. 3. A generalization applied to any action that lacks skill or outside desirability, but is, within it's self, a worthwhile endeavor.
1. It's hard to understand why wearing clothes from Hot Topic is considered self expression, when everyone else is doing the exact same thing. 2. We allow the patients a little time for self expression during arts & crafts; it helps keep them from nutting-up on eachother. 3. It could be said that urban-America is reforming it's self into a more positive environment, by using the art of self expression to cope with all the angst and percieved inequities which once drove it's population to pacify themselves with drugs and crime.
by Shannon September 09, 2003
anyone who sees self expression as a liberalist act of pacifism is narrow-minded and probably does nothing but talk about sports and guns all day long to people who could care less but feel sorry for him cause they know he's a loser. it's being able to create something that is your own and defines you as a person.
jocks, government workers and business men.
by jdogg2020 December 21, 2004
The proper term used to discribe when kk and doom give people the Middle Finger.
When the judge asked the reason why KK flicked off the traffic cop, KK stated that he was only expressing himself.
by James Bourne September 10, 2003
1.) The act of one person screaming at the top of their lungs in a crowd. 2.) The act of a person or group of people doing something odd or gay. 3.) One or more people choosing to behave in a certain form or fashion that does not adhere to socially acceptable codes.
Look at that group using self expression.

This bar is full of drunks and self expression.

Those clothes are full of self expression.
by J September 11, 2003
An excuse to do things so out of the norm that they are never considered by 'normal' people.
Dude, that guy's got like a kilo of stainless steel hanging from his face! That's Gross!

No, dude. It's his form of self-expression!
by Anonymous September 08, 2003
the primary excuse for the acts of an artist
the photographic exhibition of metal objects hung on his dick was a show of self expression
by clunky_dozer September 07, 2003
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