acronym for "Slanty Eyed Fuck", or china men AKA gooks, chinks, and japs
Bob: "what is with all these 'Sefs'?"
Jimbo: "how can they see with their slanty eyes?"
by simple August 21, 2006
Top Definition
sexually empowered female
a woman who sleeps around because she just likes sex, not because she's a slut. The female version of player.
yo phillis, did felicity get with that super hot guy last night?
hell yes!
oh wow what a sef!
by lp9244 November 25, 2010
Straight Esophagus Fuck-When you decapitate someone and straight fuck their esophagus.
He SEF'd Big Jerry hardcore last night
by SEFing all day April 09, 2011
It is the shortened Persian-American slang of sefeed or "white" in farsi.

It can be used in a derogatory manner and refers to either white people or whitewashed persians.
Is that girl a sef?

Why yes.

I feel bad for you. LA is full of Persians.
by 1249parentalconversation April 12, 2006
Shit Eating Faggot

A homosexual male who ingests fecal matter for sexual pleasure.
Oh man, look at that fine SEF, I wish he could toss my salad...
by Sam "Dutch" Dalsimer October 01, 2006
sef is sif, which is "as if"
player1 : i pwned you
player2 : sef you pwned me
by THE whitewolf February 18, 2005
a slanted eyed fuck. a person of asian decent. There eyes generally slant and they are usually fucks. Other nicknames include chink, gook, charlie, dry cleaner, jackie chan, jap, chinamen, mr.miagi,egg roll, matsui, bruce lee, yelloweyes,convenience store owner "hurry up and buy")yao ming,koween, flips.
I got into an accident because of some damn sef who couldnt see the road.
by TT Bwouy December 31, 2008
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