A man that gets off from the butterflies in the stomach, heart fluttering, and shortness of breath that happen when a woman is properly seduced. A man with a confident and smooth voice, picks up women constantly, and debonair.
That guy has girls falling all over themselves wanting to be with him! Damn, Seductionist.
by Jsrout October 22, 2008
Top Definition
someone who seduces other people.
me: i totally seduced this twenty year old the other night
friend: no way! you're only sixteen!
me: i know, i'm such a seductionist
by oLi135790264 July 31, 2010
a man that is good at setting up one night stands, but not long term relationships.
"That seductionist over there likes to fuck a chick for one night and then move on."
by Will June 04, 2004
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