to be so damn sexy they cant resist
DAMN you're hot. How much do you want?
by armyman February 22, 2004
Top Definition
To try to lure one into sex.
Are you trying to seduce me? Get'cha dick outta mah face!
by Angie July 15, 2004
To lure, entice or beguille into desired state. To attract one.
i was trying to go to school but meghan kept seducing me and i couldn't concentrate on anything except how much i was in love with her
by dilloe October 24, 2003
a way of luring someone into sex or something equally as kinky.
"He tried to seduce me by playing the piano."
by ERRRBERRR BABYYY July 10, 2008
to act very sexual towards someone to get them to do something for you (sexual or non-sexual)
Megan- "Can we go shopping," bats eyes, "pplleeaassee."
Me- "Not right now I have to finish these cookies for the party."
Megan- *runs up stairs and put's on sexy Peter Pan costume and high heel boots* and inocently says
"But I really really need to go shopping"
Me- *turns around* must hold back, "NO!"
Megan- *pushes me onto chair and sits on lap facing me* "PPPPWWWWEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE" *kisses me*
Me- *giggles* "Okay"
Megan- *huh I wonder if I seduce her again she'll buy pay for the clothes*
by xBabyBonesx April 06, 2009
To bring one down, bribe into something.
John tried to seduce his sister into staying away from bad guys.
by Pharoh October 01, 2007
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