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1.) When your or someone else's eyes drop below the line of a girl's booty.

2.) When eyes drop down below the "horizon"

3/30/11 - birth of "second-level drop".
1.) Really? Come on man, I saw that second-level drop.

2.) You got to learn how to hide your second-level drop.

3.) Dude! That was a guy and you did a second-level drop? Come on!
by TheRealPandaSwag March 30, 2011
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1.) Seeing someone looking at a girl's butt.

2.) When your eye's sink below the horizon of a girl's body.

3.) When you look at a girl's butt.
Dude... your second-level drop is so noticeable.

Hot chick! Second-level drop, OH YEAH!

Come on man, that was a guy and you made a second-level drop? Give me a break!

4/12/11 - birth of "second-level drop"
by TheRealPandaSwag April 19, 2011

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