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The kindest and coolest person you will ever know. Known to be loved by all. known for strength and courage.

The real definition of Sebastian is
"venerable" (a translation of Latin Augustus, the title of the Roman emperors)
"to worship, revere"

"He is such a Sebastian"

"typical nice Sebastian"
by aaaaaaahhhhhh March 11, 2009
Sebastian kicks Chuck Norris' ass blindfolded with both hands and feet tied behind his back
Sebastian doesn't blink, the world turns dark

Sebastian gave birth to Adam and Eve

Sebastian gave birth to Chuck Norris. Yes he is his father.

Sebastian only masturbates to pictures of Sebastian

Sebastian does not drink, he chugs

Sebastian does not walk, he charges

Sebastian's breath controls global warming
by Seb12345 July 23, 2009
A boy with blonde hair, blue eyes. He is gorgeous and has the sweetest smile. His eyes glisten when he looks up and he is amazing at football. You would think he is a stupid jerk but when you really get to no him he has the warmest hugs EVER! He is one of the popular kids and can be mean but you know Sebastian. He sometimes chooses popularity over having real friends.

He is a massive fan of football and rugby. Even if he is one of the well known people he gets back-stabbed A LOT! But he doesn't care. He just acts how he is!

You could say that he has a heart of gold and a his looks are just OMG irresistible!
Girl 1 : Sebastian, he is such a jerk!
Girl 2 : No he is not! He is the nicest thing when you get to know him!
Girl 1 : How do you know?
Girl 2 : Cause he talked to me once and helped me. Sebastian is the sweetest thing!
by bweeeee bwahhhhh June 15, 2014
1. A tall, dark, and handsome kind of guy with big dreams and an even bigger heart. Overflowing with charisma and personality, tending to attract every female in a one mile radius. Friendly to all, but only opens up to those he's really close with. A good judge of character by most people's standards.
2. Usually an exotic breed, of a foreign background. Most often fluent in more than one language.
3. Having statuesque features, like that of a Roman God; devastatingly good-looking.
1. Wow, do you see that devilishly handsome guy over there? He must be a Sebastian!
2. From this angle, he has all the features of a Sebastian.
3. His words are like poetry, and he sounds like he could be a Sebastian.
by yourartgotmehere February 03, 2010
Sociopath that wants to bomb a elementary school with knifes during a bomb drill
"Have you seen Sebastian?"

"... um no..."
"That's not good. Did he go to the airport?"
"Um I heard him talking about that..."
by Thedude01924 January 04, 2012
All around appealing night club located in Somerset Estates....Bartending, Flip Cup, Beer Pong, Lounge, Party Spot.
I Just became a fan of "Sebastian" on facebook.

What you doin tn ? Going to Sebastians with the rest of Sachem
by SebastianPrty June 06, 2011
The person with the worst luck in every story or movie. Is never listened to, never gets what he wants, and is usually brutally murdered. Can be used to infer about the ending of a real-life sebastian
"Wow, that Sebastian had a beautiful voice. Too bad he was killed by a war axe"
"Sebastian is a horrible plotter with a big ego fueled by Antonio. Gets blackmailed into nearly killing his brother, then is disowned"
by mabro69 May 23, 2013
Also known as Seb, is a nasty combination of the worst things ever created. They smell, are full of themselves, bad a sports, curse a lot, and remove themselves from any social contact whatsoever. He thinks he can get any girl he wants when really, when they see him, they run away screaming. Sebastians are really ugly and have a bad laugh, smile, and body. Dont get too attached because they get kicked out of every school they go to. He is a nasty bitch that lies and is a piece of shit. Stay away...
What is that thing?
-- Oh, its a Sebastian.
by Curly Cue June 20, 2014