a blowjob underneath a table
Sarah gave me a sebastian while we were having dinner with her parents.
by Jim D April 10, 2007
Street term for crabs

aka Sebastian was the crab in The Little Mermaid.
Bitch yo mama gave me Sebastians.
by JB & VC March 26, 2009
Sebastian basically means the most amazing person ever. he'll be there for you in a heartbeat but expects you to do the same for him. he's the kind of guy that puts others before himself, even when he has problems of is own. generally a good looking guy. not a god like everyone else says but he's close
My boyfriend is such a Sebastian. He bought me flowers last night!
by emojis...zzz February 18, 2015
Sebastians think that they are awesome, whether they are or not. Some Sebastians are just obnoxious, while others have actual potential. Though Sebastians are generally good-looking, the mean ones will be horrible and crotchety in their old age, and as the years go by their penises will get smaller and smaller until approximately the size of a pea. This all depends on the niceness of your Sebastian. If he isn't a douche-bag, his penis may get even larger over time. Pick your Sebastian wisely!
Whao, that Sebastian is hot, but his penis is smaller than a thumbtack!

That guy is so nice...what a Sebastian.
by Everysinglecolor September 11, 2011
Demon Angel. A being as nice and attractive as an angel, but just as awesome and badass as a demon. They fight for good, but do it in uber cool style. They have black wings that look like those of an angel, and wear punk rock clothes. They have a halo floating above their heads and have pale white skin. Their hair is always pitch black. And, as a rule, they all own a motorbike, but it can be either white or black. Killing is prohibited.
So nice, but badass too, he could be a total Sebastian.
by BadassZombieNinja October 25, 2014
Sebastian is a name that has originated from Germany/Austria. Sebastian is a unique guy. He's different from many other boys. He Is kind, gentle, sweet, caring, lovable, and handsome/hot. He (out of 200%) is 50% kind, gentle, and caring. 50% lovable. 70% handsome, and 30% perfect.. If you meet him, you shall cherish him. He is rare, very rare. He is talented sweet. He usually has only brothers, 50% of the time younger. He is respectful and he accepts other for who they are, youre lucky If you know/have ever known him. For now, cherish him.

People that are perfect for Sebastian:
Girl 1: Dayum! Look at Sebastian walk with that girl!

Girl 2: Yup! I think her name is Roya.

Girl 1: Wow she's lucky to have him
Girl 2: Yeah did you hear the story?? She knew him for a long time, but he only realized he loved her the year he was gonna move.
Girl 1: Yeah probably the most nice lov story I've heard.
Girl 2: But still they make such a cute couple! Damn!
by Eleca December 22, 2014
sexy motherf**ker
i went out with SUCH a sebastian last night
by papiiii August 23, 2015
A boy with blonde hair, blue eyes. He is gorgeous and has the sweetest smile. His eyes glisten when he looks up and he is amazing at football. You would think he is a stupid jerk but when you really get to no him he has the warmest hugs EVER! He is one of the popular kids and can be mean but you know Sebastian. He sometimes chooses popularity over having real friends.

He is a massive fan of football and rugby. Even if he is one of the well known people he gets back-stabbed A LOT! But he doesn't care. He just acts how he is!

You could say that he has a heart of gold and a his looks are just OMG irresistible!
Girl 1 : Sebastian, he is such a jerk!
Girl 2 : No he is not! He is the nicest thing when you get to know him!
Girl 1 : How do you know?
Girl 2 : Cause he talked to me once and helped me. Sebastian is the sweetest thing!
by bweeeee bwahhhhh June 15, 2014

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