Named after a local Shalish Chief
Was the most populated city in the NW until Vancouver BC surpassed it. Known for beatifull natural setting and coffee culture. Outdoor orientated, safe for a major US city, Liberal, and great sports teams. Started as a resource and shipping based economy. Now the economy is dominated by Manufacturing of Hi Tech goods and banking and tourism. POP: Seattle - 565,00 Greater Puget Sound - 3,800000 approximately
Lets go see tha Mariners EH!
by Brian Wilden July 14, 2005
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Seattle has it's ups and downs.

Washington is a beautiful place and Seattle can be wonderful. There is so much to do there. It's home of the Pike Place Market, the Seattle Mariners, and Starbucks. Seattle is near so much. You have the mountains for snowboarding/skiing/hiking. You have the water for boating/swimming. You have everything you need in Seattle/Washington.

The only problems are that Seattle has horrible traffic and it rains a lot. (Although, personally, I don't think the weather is THAT bad year-round.. and I live there.)
Seattle, Washington. In the US.
by Laura A. August 16, 2005
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About as far away as you can go and still stay in the Lower 48. There is an obsession with kings there, with the now destroyed Kingdome, the fact Seattle is in King County, and KING-TV. Of course, the king of the world, Bill Gates, who partly contributed to this and every other entry on this page, lives near Seattle, in Medina.
by Nutmegger February 13, 2004
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A place with great weather from June-September
Seattle had a streak of 50-some days straight of 70+ degree weather this summer.
by krist noveselic November 21, 2003
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The nicest city in the United States. Filled with intellectual democrats who enjoy good books, good coffee, and good conversation. The people of Seattle are generally very friendly, the city is absolutely beautiful and is easy to say has the most class and culture of any place in the U.S. Portland comes in 2nd.
Everyone wishes they were from Seattle.
by JukeJointJezebel July 12, 2006
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Beautiful city located in the Pacific Northwest.
Home to many amazing bands, people, venues, parks, stores, ect.

The most amazing people live here; they're crazy, they're accepting, they're weird, they're stoners, they're straightedge, they're preppy, they're scene, they're emo, they're musicians, they're Christians, they're Athesists, they're soulfull, they're assholes, they're artists, they've never touched a paint brush in their life, they're African, they're European, they're Asian, they're Pacific Islander, they're gay, they're straight, they're tansvesites, they're designers, they're photographers, they're lazy, they're coffee addicts, they're insomniacs, they sleep in until 5 PM, they're bitches, they're smart, they're stupid, they're great dancers, they have no rhythm, they're politicians, they're hippies, they're punks, they're hardcore, they're sweethearts, they're drunks, they're drug addicts, they're soccer mums, they're teachers, they're role models, heroes, they're inspiring, they're disgusting, they laugh like no other, they're partiers, they stay at home, they're old, they're young, they're dying, they're living, they're smokers, they're college kids, they're drop outs, they're drag queens, and they all fit together perfectly.

If you ever happen to visit this freakishly amazing city, be sure to visit Seattle Center, the Junction, El Corazon, Showbox, REI, Pike Place Market, Pacific Place, Chinatown, Capitol Hill, Alki Beach, Seattle Art Museum, and the Piers. Basically, go everywhere you can, you won't be dissapointed.
Look at that bird, she's got blue hair. So Seattle.
by Parker.:) May 26, 2007
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Seattle is one of the best cities in the world. I just moved to London and i learned to appreciate it.
1. Most literate city in the country.
2. Politest city in the world.
3. Has the best landscape.
4. Most diverse.
5. Most honest bums (the fishing for beer)
6. Grundge music.
7. Music scene.
8. Not too bad.
9. Even thought it rains it has the great weather.
10. Good vintage shopping.
11. Flying fish (pike place market)
12. Companies that expand everywhere
13. Good Salmon
14. One of the largest ports
15. Boeing company (if it werent for this we would be stuck with shit airbus airplanes)
16. Its just the best!!
British: I love mircosoft.
Me: That started in seattle.
British: Isnt starbucks from there too.
Me: Yup! So Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Sir Mix Alot, and Bill Gates. Good Bands. Boeing company. And the nicest people.
British: So what is Nike from there?
Me: No but thats Portland which is right under us
by Seattlechick January 31, 2007
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