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A city in the Pacific Northwest with pleasant weather (not in winter though), a picturesque skyline, and lots of outdoor activities. A good place to visit on a vacation, but can get really boring to live in unless you enjoy the outdoors, in which case its great!

Some of its most famous "land marks" though, are not that interesting. How many times can you go to the space needle? Its just a big tower, and not even the tallest in Seattle. The Pike Place market is underwhelming as well, especially now that there's always some idiot in a car trying to honk their way through the crowds.

There are plenty of other interesting sights that one could visit. The MOHAI museum is nice, along with the wetland park nearby. Don't go to the U-District, its crappy and trendy, instead go to Fremont or Ballard, they have real character.

"Seattle is so boring and there's nothing to do"

"Thats because either you live in greater Seattle or Shoreline, which ARE boring, or you just don't get out"
by quacklesplork April 03, 2008

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