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(short for Seaford head community college) a crappy little school in a crappy little town. its full of chavs who like justin beiber and sluts that look like they have inherited the Dorito gene. they are soooo last century. the schools made up of two sites, not that thats intresting or anything, i was just stating a fact. :P all of the kids seem to have moved over from tideway which just proves that theyre stupid. they dislike anything cultured in any way. they all think that eastbourne is more fun than brighton and go there all the time cos theyre boring. so basically, in a nushell, seaford head is stupid. the end.
person 1: do you go to seaford head?

person 2: yeah...?

person 1: that explains why you look like your mother fucked a wotsit.
by rosiegreenx June 29, 2012
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