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Space Construction Vehicle

the most useful, and resourceful unit in StarCraft
I could SO own you with an SCV army!
by *pirate_*Jim August 04, 2003
n. santa clara vaguard
- an amazing drum and bugle corp in california known for their amazing colorguard, percussion, and brass
- the coed Cavies of the west
Did you see last year's scv show?

no, but i heard they got 3rd place at DCI

it was SO much better then the Blue Devils.. what the heck
by lamala January 23, 2005
Spit Cum Vomit
I had this whore. She was all about the SCV.
by lollerfishy February 07, 2010
A Space Construction Vehicle containing the nigger slaves of the future. These vehicles are monitored by an overseer known as the commander. A Command Center is needed to rally up the slaves.
"Use your SCVs to mine that mineral patch!"
"SCV rush that noob!"
by Boxer! March 13, 2009