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the need to urinate after too much lol'ing
zomg i need to lollerpiss, brb
by lollerfishy March 24, 2009
Mum I'd Like To Gang Bang
H: 'You know Melissa?'
S: 'Yeah, why?'
H: 'She's a MILTGB'
by lollerfishy February 08, 2010
Business in the front (penis / vagina)

Party at the back (anus)

When your backside is hairier than your penis / vagina
1: Mate, I went down on this chick and she had a full on crotch mullet!

2: Dude. she could have at least shaved her ass! that's rank!
by lollerfishy June 22, 2011
Spit Cum Vomit
I had this whore. She was all about the SCV.
by lollerfishy February 07, 2010

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