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n. santa clara vaguard
- an amazing drum and bugle corp in california known for their amazing colorguard, percussion, and brass
- the coed Cavies of the west
Did you see last year's scv show?

no, but i heard they got 3rd place at DCI

it was SO much better then the Blue Devils.. what the heck
by lamala January 23, 2005
Space Construction Vehicle

the most useful, and resourceful unit in StarCraft
I could SO own you with an SCV army!
by *pirate_*Jim August 04, 2003
Spit Cum Vomit
I had this whore. She was all about the SCV.
by lollerfishy February 07, 2010
A Space Construction Vehicle containing the nigger slaves of the future. These vehicles are monitored by an overseer known as the commander. A Command Center is needed to rally up the slaves.
"Use your SCVs to mine that mineral patch!"
"SCV rush that noob!"
by Boxer! March 13, 2009
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