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an undesirable member of society who sports Leeds Utd and England football tattoo's, has a shaved head, wears dirty clothes, swears every other word, drinks Stella, does nazi salutes without really understanding what they mean and has a total inferiority complex.

found dwelling in and around Elland Road most Saturdays, probably lives in a scuzzy squat in Castleford, Armley or if they're really posh, Pudsey.
"god Sarah, you were right. I went to that real ale festival at the town hall and some local scuzzer stole my IPod."
by StymieSi June 04, 2006
A girl who is a dirty fucking slut.
Karen Catenzaro aka Gia Paloma
Person who goes round collecting/eating stuff they've picked up off the floor, regardless of where it's been.
The people in the town regarded the local tramp as a dirty scuzzer.
by Anonynemone June 22, 2003