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scurge is like being the scum of the earth. it is when there is nothing worse than you. you are as low as low can get. you are a disgrace to the world. you are nothing to anyone or anything. you are just flat out gross.
" the scurge of the earth "
by d-bear August 04, 2007
A word used to replace verbs and adjectives; especially exclamations. Usually appears in conversations between good friends who can read each other well.
1. Let's scurge bro!
2. That girl is scurgin!
3. Quit scurgin around.
4. That chick just scurged all over the place.
5. Dude, you've been scurging so well lately.
6. Dude if you scurge one more time, I'm going to scurging scurge on you.
by Daniel of Sparta June 21, 2009
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