A shit hole full of inbreds who's football team has a shit ground.

In Hull's KC shadow.
Why have we got loads of injuries.
The ref was biassed.
We're so hard done by.
Moan, moan, fucking moan.
by Tigershark760 January 16, 2004
Top Definition
GREATEST FUCKING TOWN IN ENGLAND , found iron ore and full of decent well being people shame the hull scum and cod heads come down here (mostly druggies and thives) for a cheap thrill with the local whore(who aint from scunny but is from hull she must of gave birth to em all) oh and the odd leauge game with scunny.
on the way down to scunny i passed through a place called hull oh wait no it was the skips behind the hospital full of needles where i saw a hull fan
by james hughes February 09, 2004
Disgusting place in North Lincolnshire, well known for it's bad taste in shops, take aways, and a man called 'Cedric'.
Scunthorpe is wank, nuff said.
I can feel my life expectancy decreasing as I enter Scunthorpe
by Johnny6789 June 13, 2011
Sly way of saying cunt (s-cunt-horpe) without people knowing that you are indeed, calling them a cunt!
that person over there is blatently from scunthorpe!
by Adam Streeter August 21, 2005
1. Awful place in Lincolnshire, but doesn't deserve to be part of that great county. Famed for it's druggys and Brian Laws. Natural habitat of the chav.
Never, ever, ever, ever, under any circumstances, go to Scunthorpe, it's full of Chavs.
by Dene Cropper July 15, 2004
Probably the most embarrassing city in England to be a resident of; due to a word that can be read within it's name.
I was on my way to Sheffield by train, but there was a mess-up and I ended up in Scunthorpe.
by DaveIII November 05, 2003
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