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Lead singer of The Darkness, the UK's most successful rock act of the early '00s.

Camp, but still a great musician with a lot of talent.
"I believe in a thing called love"
by DaveIII October 17, 2003
An indie rock group from Hoylake, Liverpool, England, United Kingdom.

Band members: James Skelly, Ian Skelly, Lee Southall, Nick Power, Bill Ryder-Jones & Paul Duffy.
"Up in my lonely room, when I'm dreaming of you"
by DaveIII October 27, 2003
A black person who wants to be/thinks they are white.

A black person who talks as if they are white.

Opposite of a whigger
"Wassup, my blonkie?"
by DaveIII October 06, 2003
Probably the most embarrassing city in England to be a resident of; due to a word that can be read within it's name.
I was on my way to Sheffield by train, but there was a mess-up and I ended up in Scunthorpe.
by DaveIII November 05, 2003
A male or female who thinks they know everything. Believe that studying and high grades are life's #1 thing. Usually wear glasses, even if they don't need them. Usually gel their hair to the side. Usually ugly. Usually wierd-looking. Can't fight; always run off to moms when threatened. For some reason, often get the most female attention when they are surrounded by better-looking people.
"Pal, did you get a load of the nerds?"
-Homer Simpson, episode 'Homer goes to college'
by DaveIII October 17, 2003
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