A mixture of a Skank and a Cunt , its when a woman is a skanky slut who goes around fucking all kinds of guys and then turns into a cunt when you call her out on her skankified life style or her fucked up life in general
What a Scunk! she fucked my entire fb friends list after i broke up with her and keyed my car just for the fuck of it!
by Iamhook January 03, 2012
Top Definition
To scunk is to SCan your jUNK. To be scunked is the TSA alternative to being gate raped.
Man, I didn't want to get gate raped at LAX, so I had to get scunked.
by ScunkMaster November 22, 2010
a person who is a mix between punk and scene.

they love taking pictures of themselves and wearing girls jeans. they also adorn themselves with bandanas. they like screamo music as well as punk music. theyre as grungy as the punk kids and not as styled as a scene kid.
"Emma you're the only scene kid in our school"
"No I'm not, James is too."
"Noooo, hes scunk..."
by Tohmass October 08, 2005
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