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a woman who smells around the minge and who likes to get her filthy chewing gum grey knickers and bra off for a quick shit fuck in a pub car park.
they usually wear baggy cheap market jumpers and ski pants and come from tadley in hampshire.
wot a fucking minger,shes a real scunger,i bet her cunt smells like a fish fryers cuff!!!
by i hate scungers June 04, 2004
The name for an oversized glass marble i.e. the childrens game of playing marbles.
When buying a bag of glass marbles back in the 1970's it would contain some ordinary sized marbles and a larger one. The ordinary ones were half inch diameter the scunger was one inch diameter. The one thing I can't remember is the value of the scunger i.e. how many marbles to a scunger. This word was used in north Dublin (Ireland) suburbs or "the hood" as we called it.
by Tomasina Dub February 20, 2006
A Mim like person. A person who does acts as if they were raised from the gutter.
Mim you are such a scunger, you could've turned the light off for me instead of creating conflit about it.
by scunger March 06, 2013
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