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Slime or dirt that is both unidentifiable and nasty, and possibly likely to give birth to sentient life in the future.
"Urrgh man, what the hell is that scunge at the back of your fridge?"
by degarbie August 28, 2007
A substitute for any word, similar to stuff, especially when applied to bad food or junk.
1. "What's on the menu tonight?"
"Some vegetable scunge..."
2. "Why is the floor of your room always covered in scunge?"
by gracefool October 23, 2006
(Australian slang)

The act of obtaining something from another person by asking. This act would only be undertaken by a low-brow individual, or by someone who is monetarily challenged.

See also: scab
"Could I scunge a ciggy off ya?"

"You reckon I could scunge a couple of bucks for a Farmers Union; I left my wallet in the back of my girlfriend's Commy again."
by New Messiah August 04, 2005
A compound word of scum and grunge, referring to a slimy-textured area of filth.
I was at the Iggy Azalea concert last night. She bent over right in front of me -- I've never seen scunge like that.
by Dharma Midget November 05, 2014
Brownish-Black mildew substance that stems from coffee residue in glass mugs. Scunge is exclusively located on either the work bench or the windowsill in garages.
"Honey, can you clean my coffee cup? It has been sitting in the garage for ages."
"No, look at all the scunge in there."

by Thomas Van De Bogart April 11, 2008
A women's genitalia - generally not well kept.
I went down on some smelly scunge last night.
by box8898 November 03, 2011
To hit on someone.
To attempt to sleep with someone, often in a creepy or sleazy manner.

Most often used with the addition of "on" after the word.
I am totally going to scunge that kid.

He scunged on me all night.

Quit scunging on Jane.

by christina_lm January 23, 2007
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