norn irish term for being totally mortified infront of people
-omg leek yesterday i leek was walking home leek and leek i was passing these leek great wee lads leek yea? and then i leek omg leek totally tripped and fell leek and my skirt was up over my leek head leek!!!
-omg leek scundered for ye
by karen and aoife August 15, 2005
Top Definition
In Belfast and environs this means 'embarassed' but in mid-ulster it means 'annoyed' or 'frustrated'
I was so scundered at work today
by mc77 September 18, 2007
Scundered is the slang term for embarassed.It is mainly used in northern ireland.
oh my god i was so scundered the other day when i fell in front off all thoses guys.
by Aisling said like Ash-ling April 03, 2005
Usually used in the past tense as an adjective. State of being embarassed by your own actions, perhaps by a sly plan that backfired, hoisted by your own petard.
Used in Northern Ireland. Not to be confused with the Sxcttish Scunnert
Sure he thought he was pulling a fast one but now he's the one thats totally scundered.
by AidanG August 11, 2005
to feel let down or embarassed after failing to achieve something or making an ass of yourself. a bad feeling.
can be used to describe the embarassment felt after a heavy night drinking.
she was scundered when she realised what happened last night.
by Gerrymetal November 09, 2007
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