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A person who was so drunk off their ass the night before, that their face resembles a wild bear.
see scummy
The morning after getting drunk with his friends, Jimmy fled to the woods to start his new life as a scummy bear.
by MikeG July 29, 2005
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A variation of the popular 'Gummy Bear' sweets.
Scummy Bears are usually covered in fluff/dust/dirt after having been dropped on the floor or left in a pocket for a few weeks/months etc

A Gummy Bear sweet that is found by surprise down the side of the sofa/under the bed etc generally inedible except to those strange few who claim the mould adds to the flavour...

Boy: Would you like a gummy bear?

Girl: Yeah, thanks... Hey! this is a scummy bear! it's covered in fluff and missing an ear!!

Boy: ...I found it on the floor

TV Advertisement: 'Scummy Bears! Now with 25% more fluff!'
by BekkaBecca! March 27, 2009
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