1. One large cyst.
2. A fat white kid who thinks he can write techno and play bass with no rhythm who doesn't bathe and finds it amusing to do the Truffle Shuffle even though it makes people sick. (like it never did in that dumb movie)
3. Apricot Pudding
4. A large pacific islander who pays rent on a trailer in the lower southwest who eats cats and and small children who tend to wander into her yard and gets very disgruntled when she finds out that they are not toothless rednecks who drink drano and looking for a good time.
James says: Hey have you seen Scruffles lately?
Ed says: No James I haven't.
James: I haven't seen Scruffles since he was scruffling that small Cuban boy in her trailer.
Ed: I know, that day we were wasted on acid was an adventure wasn't it.
James: My ass hasn't felt the same.
by Noshimonoriku December 06, 2008
Top Definition
V. to rub one's beard against another's skin (usually the neck or face) to show affection
As the couple parted ways at the airport, he scruffled her cheek and said, "Call me when you get through security."
by GentlySevere May 10, 2009
The length of the hair on a man's face that lies somewhere between stubble and a light beard (scruff).
If you don't shave that scruffle, you'll have a grizzly adams soon!
by P'an Ku May 31, 2007
Facial hair on the chin, cheeks, or upper lip that has not been shaved. Gross. :P
Kimi: Oh no, Dom, you haven't shaved, look at all those scruffles.
by fallwithmeee March 01, 2009
V. To put one's penis into something and then return the item back to its original position.
"Damn Jay, did you scruffle my pillow again?"

"Yes Krotch, but at least I put it back..."
by Krizzotch May 01, 2008
A stuffed monkey that lives under your bed.
"Whats that noise coming from under your bed?"
"Oh, thats just Scruffles."
by MeJR. September 09, 2011
A squeeze, hug, and ruffling of fur.
(Over the phone), "Give your dog Spike a scruffle for me!"
by Gina October 22, 2004
To take a comb and brush someones hair and look at the scalp for dandruff
"Hey, i have alot of dandruff, so i brought u a comb so you can scruffle and loosen it up before i take a shower."
by mynameisshepimpsavage August 03, 2009
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