A man who has the aerodynamic looks of a scud missle. usually a swimmer.
Dude, did you see that guy's bald head? Yeah, what a scrud!
by scrudderforney October 14, 2009
Bloody discolored discharge that women have at the end of their periods, commonly termed as spotting.
I should have put in a tampon, there is scrud in my underwear.
by Tiffani D'Angelico December 27, 2007
This word derives from the Old English for 'shroud' and eventually became part of the word scrotum, since a shroud, like a scrotum, is "something that covers, veils, etc."
Beowulf donned his battle-scrud.
by innards November 29, 2003
(vulgar slang)
In India: Fetching English dame.

The feces one aquires on his/her shoe as the result of prancing (or walking quite rythmically) through a dog park.

Origin: New York, NY. Germanic prince's bedroom, with The Prophet Of West New Zealand.
Indian: "Golly, look at that lovely little scrud over there."

"After I took my dog Biscuit to the park, I was appauled to discover an utterly grotesque bit of scrud stuck to the underside of my lovely Prada shoes."
by O.M.M/A.O.E December 20, 2006
1.VERB To harm, kill, or by omission of action cause to be harmed or killed, another living being.
2. VERB. to have severely rude, vigorus, or disrespectful sex with another living being.i.e. I would scrud her to death.
3. NOUN A substance being once of recognizable molecular structure now altered by natural mutation, or harm done either directly or by ommission of action by the elements or another living being. i.e. I used my flamethrower and turned that guy into a pile of scrud-meat.
I scrudded that person.
by sirsykosexy January 28, 2004
a ciggarette
sometimes called a "scrudly"
got any scruds?
on my last scrud.
got any scrudlies?
by AnthonyWeaver March 29, 2006

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