Barely touch, rub or "skim" the top of a double jump on either a motocross or BMX bike.
He scrubbed the whoop's and made up a lot of lost time.
by C.J. Thomas November 12, 2006
Top Definition
To fall down from an erect position. i.e. biff, eat shit, slip.
She thought she was looking fine in those underwear on the catwalk, that's why she scrubbed and busted her ass!
by Roshuni Samuel December 11, 2005
when you don't make it to the laundry room fast enough and your wet clothes are sitting on top the washing machine.
Damn, I just got scrubbed by that bitch! She even touched my skivvies.
by bellyofthebeast April 04, 2011
1. To be put down or to be put down.
That lady just walked away from me when I was trying to get her number..For real? She scrubbed yo weak ass!
by Mz.Champayne March 07, 2007
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