A person who doesnt give a damn about what people think and will live his/her life they way they want.
Juggalos love all the scrubs and their way of life!
by Pip May 08, 2003
noun updated millenium definition: guys who are not ambitious. They may have a job and a car but they are content with not climbing the corporate/career ladder. They are usually do not care about their physique/appearance/clothing. Basically, men who do not like to take care of themselves.
Rick was your typical scrub: always arriving at work 10 mins. late with his unkempt appearance and fastfood breakfast.
by fitchickxina April 07, 2005
the male version of the fat ugly chick who is best friends with the pretty popular chick. she thinks she can get a guy that way, or maybe just some attention, because her friend is showered in everything she's ever wanted. but it is just not so. truth be told, everyone's sitting there going 'ha ha look at that fat chick, she is so ugly. even more ugly compared to her pretty friend'.
think of the line in the tlc song about the guy hangin out his 'best friends ride'.
by jeska June 24, 2004
A person whose appearance is a mess.
She hasn't showered in days. What a scrub!
by bk March 11, 2003
A scrub is a person who never takes showers and he/she thinks look good is having nasty greasy hair, and massive zits all over their face.
Jon H: I look good.
Ian3111: No you look like a scrub.
by roettger May 23, 2006
A person that iss never invited but is always there, never carries cash only a credit card so you have to pay for his shit and hee will buy you food in your return even though it is not worth thee value that you have spent, sleeps over at your house completly uninvited for several days, weeks, or months at a time
Chris Hernandez AKA HIV
by Peaches March 28, 2005
1.commonly used in middle school or high school, originating from the practice of using a Freshman's (or underclassman's) head to "scrub" the inside of a toilet.
2.simply a new comer or underling
1."Hey scrub! Understand this: don't bug me or else you'll be sleeping with the goldfishes"
2."Fact #1, scrubs are at the very bottom of the food chain, chain of command, importance, and only serve as a waste of skin, time, and air."
by Thy Froogle King March 21, 2005
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