A person that iss never invited but is always there, never carries cash only a credit card so you have to pay for his shit and hee will buy you food in your return even though it is not worth thee value that you have spent, sleeps over at your house completly uninvited for several days, weeks, or months at a time
Chris Hernandez AKA HIV
by Peaches March 28, 2005
Dudes who give head to girls for nothing in return.
Chic #1 - So did you have to put out for ol' boy last night?

Chic#2 - Nah girl. He's a scrub, so you know it was all about me.
by Jane Doe January 05, 2005
See n00b.
Good god. I'm tired of DDR scrubs who keep playing Afronova on Basic mode.
by dJ gS68 October 01, 2003
Its the time when your in the shower and you reach for some soap or lubricent and then you strangle the turky, gerk the gerkin, pump the sack, pull the chain, or to make it easier having a wank.

a cleaver way to tell your mates what you did last night

(a scrub doesnt nessicerily have to happen in the shower)
hay man i had the mean scrub last night.

person 1: hay man what you doing tonight?
person 2: Probaly do a bit of homework then have a scrub.
by jim, jam, jamesy December 21, 2006
Scrub is another name for antibacterial hand sanitizer. It is also a verb. To "scrub", one should take a lot of hand sanitizer, rub it in your hands, and then sniff your hands vigerously until your nostrils begin to burn. The practice was developed by Ben Spaulding and Mike Pettyjohn of LA California.
1.Dude you need to drive, I just scrubbed and my eyes are watering.
2.dude, my hands are filthy. Got any scrub on you?
by Postmaster Ritzi and Jercus September 17, 2006
1.commonly used in middle school or high school, originating from the practice of using a Freshman's (or underclassman's) head to "scrub" the inside of a toilet.
2.simply a new comer or underling
1."Hey scrub! Understand this: don't bug me or else you'll be sleeping with the goldfishes"
2."Fact #1, scrubs are at the very bottom of the food chain, chain of command, importance, and only serve as a waste of skin, time, and air."
by Thy Froogle King March 21, 2005
the best way to describe a scrub is just a sucky person (someone who sucks at life or whatever event that he is being called a scrub in)
"Larry got rejected by three different chicks tonight. What a scrub
by Sum1 kul October 31, 2007

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