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1.commonly used in middle school or high school, originating from the practice of using a Freshman's (or underclassman's) head to "scrub" the inside of a toilet.
2.simply a new comer or underling
1."Hey scrub! Understand this: don't bug me or else you'll be sleeping with the goldfishes"
2."Fact #1, scrubs are at the very bottom of the food chain, chain of command, importance, and only serve as a waste of skin, time, and air."
by Thy Froogle King March 21, 2005
15 43
The act of giving or receiving scratches and rubs from your significant other.
Wife says,"Honey, give me some scrubs." Husband replies, "You got free pets yesterday." Wife responds, OK you first then."
by the animal and the creature November 23, 2008
8 38
1)sixth grader that thinks theyre the shit and is scared to deth of anyone in 7th or 8th grade

2) slut, whore, nerd, doosh bag, ect. basicaly a just a sixth grader.
your a stupid scrub.
by your mom!!!! December 06, 2006
7 38
to trip accidently and embarrassingly
"When I walked across the stage to get my diploma, I scrubbed in front of everybody"

"Be careful, there's a crack in the sidewalk, don't scrub!
by Heather Sunshine October 13, 2005
3 34
Articles of clothing that are typically worn in the morning or before sleeping, or at any time of the day if you are either sick, working out, or feeling lazy.

Includes: Sweats, Pajamas, undershirts, huge shirts with a picture of Mickey Mouse on them, cheerleading shorts, hoodies, etc.
"Whats up man? Looks like youre scrubbin' it up today with those PJ pants."

"Yeah dude, I don't have class today and I didn't feel like getting dressed. I just threw on my scrubs."
by Atlantic Playboy March 19, 2006
70 102
Hales Infamous.
"AOUD Server, 2-11, hes pro"
by dasd March 31, 2003
2 34
Some one who, at this school system, is smelly, skanky, loserish, trashy, or just down right dirty.

Strangly named so for you'd think that if they were dirty they would be called the 'need to scrubs'. Perhaps it is just because they need to. The world may never know.
Josh T. Has worn that outfit all week. And he smells like a garbage can that has been decomposing for the last too years. What a scrub!
by Oh Great Happy One June 10, 2003
8 43